Film Festival Rejection Letters

Rejections are the best! I bet you didn’t expect to hear me say that. It’s true, but give me a moment and I’ll explain. First, let’s take a trip through my rejections. Here we go!

  1. Zero Film Festival in New York City. Submission: “Chase” 2016
  2. Project Greenlight Digital Studios and Peet’s Coffee video contest. Submission: “Coffee Anytime” 2016
  3. SF Indie Fest Screenplay Competition. Submission: “Aafa” 2019
  4. Indie Film Hustle and Filmaka Web Series Competition. Submission: “District City” 2019

To date I’ve had 4 rejections, but guess what? It makes me want to push even harder. In fact, I’ve printed all of my rejection emails and have tucked them away nice and neatly in my binder. You know why? They’re like medals! In every failure we must find a lesson to learn, an area to improve upon, and grit to keep going. As my Uncle Johnny use to say on the golf course, “You’re just half an inch away from striking that ball perfectly.”

So, cheers to failure and just keep swinging!


“Dream it. Write it. Shoot it. Share it.” -Me