“The Calvary Isn’t Coming” -Mark Duplass

I ended a very successful pre-planning week tired, but excited to meet my new students on Monday. The walk from the 800 building where I teach to my car is a nice little stroll. Certainly long enough to run through the first day checklist and go through the motions of what it would take to get 63 5th graders from bell to bell and then safely to their homes. As I turned on the car I was greeted with the familiar sound of my favorite Podcast, Indie Film Hustle . A smile crept over my face as I settled into my 2nd job. You know, the art job that doesn’t pay a dime, but fills so many creative holes in my soul.

The IFH episode today was a throwback. As always, Alex Ferrari drops so many “knowledge bombs” and in sharing his own filmmaking journey is essentially modeling a potential path forward through the difficult world of the film industry. At the end he suggested listening to Mark Duplass’ SXSW Keynote Speech, which I did, and quite literally changed my day. Duplass’ description of steps to a career in film were so well described and with a go-getter mentality, totally do-able. What hit me straight in the heart today?

  • Make your passion project.
  • Don’t wait for the calvary.
  • Be your own calvary.

So, I’ve pulled my passion project off the shelf and am now headed to pre-production.

“Dream it. Write it. Shoot it. Share it.” -Me


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