Passion Project: Aafa

Upon my first visit to Orlando Film Producers meeting I was invited to pitch ideas for a series of shorts that would be shot inside a car. My immediate thoughts took me to all my car-share rides while living in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Of course! There’s so many stories that can come from the pairing of various drivers and riders. From these musings, the story of “Aafa” was born.

“Aafa” tells a story of forgiveness through shared pain. It’s a story of bridging the great divide of racial prejudice by finding common ground. Both driver and passenger seem to judge one another upon their initial meeting, but in the midst of the ride find that they both share something in common: a child who has served in the military. The realization that service to one’s country and love of nation are not exclusively any one religion, race, or gender, is the catalyst for healing in the driver’s heart.

I am excited to announce that “Aafa” is officially in pre-production. What a dream come true!

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